10 Best Porch Swings of 2017 Tested Review

Porch Swings can take you to another place — a really good place.  Imagine relaxing on a gorgeous Sunday morning with a cup of coffee, reading the newspaper, swinging in a porch chair.  The crazy fast-paced world will seem to disappear as you sit and have fun with your kids, friends, families, enjoying the backyard serenity and loving life.

Porch Swings Buying Guide

Today on our blog, we are going to know in detail about Porch Gliders, various styles, the different types of porch swings available, how to choose an effective swing chair for your porch to have a relaxing day and the best picks of porch gliders from different manufacturers in brief.

What is a Porch Swing?

A Porch Swing otherwise known as porch gliders are found on porches suspended from the ceiling and able to support a huge weight capacity. The porch chairs can be suspended from thick ropes or chains.

What are the types of Porch Swings?

A Porch Swing otherwise known as porch gliders are found on porches suspended from the ceiling and able to support a huge weight capacity. The porch chairs can be suspended from thick ropes or chains.

As varied as the materials are in Porch swings, so are the various styles.  The seating,  almost always made with high-quality horizontal slats, whereas the styles of the back of the swings vary and that’s what differentiate the myriad of styles of the different porch gliders.

You can find vertical slats porch swings with a stylish back straight from top to bottom. This offers a traditional and classic look along with comfort.   Another style is the backward at the tip and straight at the bottom. While in other styles, you may find elaborate engravings, while others have different painted designs or are meticulously stained.

There are five main types of porch swings, namely Freestanding Swings, Hammock, Hanging Swing, Glider, and the Swing Bed.

What materials are available?

Porch Swings are made of materials like wood, plastic, wrought iron, and wicker.

Plastic will be usually recycled or resin type.

Wood can be teak, oak, maple, cedar, pine.

Freestanding Swings

Canopy swing


On some porches, there isn’t room for hanging a porch glider, and in that scenario enter the freestanding swings.  freestanding swings come with an A-Frame stand and a freestanding swing version made from various materials.

The advantage of a freestanding swing is that you can move it anywhere, from the porches to the yard or practically anywhere. Some versions come with a canopy cover to block the sun and rain and the seating style of this freestanding swing include both vertical and horizontal slatted chairs or benches.



Hammock with stand


You can place your hammock between two trees, or just about anywhere with the use of a freestanding frame. There will be the pillow for your head in many types of material and padding to choose from.

Hanging Swings

Hanging swing



Hanging swing can also be used as a bed for a midday siesta.  This is a  joyful way to spend a couple of hours or twenty minutes relaxing on your porch. You’ll need at least a four-foot arc clearance to keep your hanging swing from hitting anything or person. You can either hire someone or it can be a simple DIY project to install your hanging swing with ropes or chains from the ceiling.




porch glider




Glider chairs and benches are another type of porch swing where you need a stationary frame to support the chair,  this is usually done by a frame that supports from the bottom.


Hammock Chair

Different color Caribbean HammockHammock Swings are another type of Porch Swing.  They are usually only made for one person and are extremely comfortable.  You can use Porch Hammock chair for curling up with a good book or curling up for a great nap. Hammock chairs are typically the lowest cost of all the porch seats and they can be used indoors as well as out. Many attach somehow to the ceiling, a beam or even a tree limb, so though come with their own stand.




Swing Beds (Two Types)

Hanging Porch Swing Bed

swing bed

Free Standing Swing Bed

swing bed with stand





Swing Bed Chair

swing bed chair


A Swing bed is designed for relaxing,  just stretching out free and enjoying the clouds pass by. You can hang this swing bed from a porch, dangle with the help of a freestanding frame, or even from a branch of a sturdy tree.

How much do porch swings cost?

The average price of the porch swing is available from $200 to $600; the price differs based on the type of materials, how strong and sturdy the construction, plus how decorative and well-made it is.  And of course what type it is.

What are the characteristics to look for while choosing a Porch Swing

Budget Just because something is well-made doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s expensive. The same thing goes for quality.  Sometimes the price is dictated merely by brand-name or the materials used. Material While choosing the for looks and style just as important is its weatherability. You want the material to be made of high-grade premium materials, but since your piece is going to exposed to the elements, they should be made of weather resistant materials to withstand any climatic changes. The products are made from wood, wicker, wrought iron or plastic.


There are different styles while taking this porch swings; you can choose straight lined swings with different lath types, a model with a curved back, high or low back wide armrests, fan back, etc. based on your personal taste and preference.


Know your porch size before choosing the porch swing; the selected one should suit your color, style of the house, size and your lifestyle. If you need some cushions for the comfort, you need to go for the porch swings that has cushions associated with it or else you can get these cushions separately.

The Location

Porch swings are mainly for swinging in the porches, if you are going to hang it in the porch rafters, you need to check whether they are strong enough to hold the weight capacity. And if you are putting your porch swings in the garden, then you need an A-frame support for suspending the porch gliders.

The right Brand and Manufacturers

Brands and manufacturers vary greatly and this is an investment that you’ll have for years, so make sure the company you buy from has a good reputation.

Best Picks of Porch Swings

Once you are clear with the types, styles, and characteristics of porch swings, the next thing is to choose the right brand and manufacturer who is offering high-grade premium quality porch gliders for their consumers. To make you clear of the manufacturers and brands, here our team has organized and collected these top ten picks after a strong research and analysis.

Our #1 Pick: Highwood porch swings


Highwood Lehigh Porch Swing 4 feet, Whitewash

Highwood’s attractive porch glider ranks fifth in our product list, they are made of recycled plastic and therefore environmentally friendly, and you can choose 4 foot or foot widths and available in multiple colors.

The porch swing is capable of holding up to 500 pounds, and therefore two to three people can use the bench chair without any fear.  You can decorate this item as per your taste and need. The stainless steel hardware used in the construction is

The stainless steel hardware used in the construction is durable and therefore little chance of staining or fading out. The manufacturer has offered a 12 year residential and a two-year commercial warranty. You need to assemble the product, but it is simple to do.

The price is high but worth the money.

Special Feature: The porch swing is capable of holding up to 500 pounds.

Key features:+ recycled plastic, + fade resistant material.

Pros: + low maintenance, + load-tested.

Cons: + Expensive.

Our Rating: 4.8 Stars (4.8 / 5)

Highwood Lehigh Porch Swing 4 feet, Whitewash
List Price: $392.67
Price: $392.67
Price Disclaimer

Alternate Color

Our #2 Pick: Outsunny porch swings

Outsunny 48″ Outdoor Patio Swing Glider Bench Chair – Dark Gray

Outsunny has developed the product with multiple functions and features for providing the comfort to the users, and this ranks sixth in our product list. This ensures two adults to sit in the swing chair with comfort and swing; they can hold up to 440 lbs weight. The curve at the back provides the attractive look and the bench seated is ventilated for providing the comfort, the free standing is available with the sturdy base for stability. The steel material that is of high quality ensures the durability of the product. The product is available in the size dimension of 48.5 inches in length, 28 inches in wide and 34.5 inches in height. You need not assemble the product as they come fully assembled, you need to just hang the glider chair to the porch and start using it. The price is affordable and comes with one year warranty. The mix of tan and black provides the classy look at your outdoor.

Special Feature: This porch swing has curved back for convenient seating.

Key features: + ventilated bench seat, + curved lumbar.

Pros: + sturdy base, + mesh seating.

Cons: + Weak middle support.

Our Rating: 4.8 Stars (4.8 / 5)

Our #3 Pick: Abba Padded Porch Swing

Abba Patio 3 Person Outdoor Metal Gazebo Padded Porch Swing Hammock with Adjustable Tilt

Our #3 pick is a beauty, but it is rather expensive. With a sturdy steel powder-coated frame, this swing brings a blend of functionality and beauty to your patio or deck. The canopy has an adjustable tilt function that allows you to position as needed to block the sun. UV-protected fabric maintains color and appearance.

Durable construction and comfortable seating for three people, (up to 600 lbs. total). Removable Polyester fabric cushions offer plush comfort. Overall Dimensions: 78.7 L x 50 W x 70.9 H inches. Seat length: 5.6’; back cushion size: 1.9’x1.8’; chair height: 5.9′.2

Two attached side tables provide a convenient place to set drinks or put reading material. The handy tables let you put down your drinks and phone where you want them.


Special Feature: The frame is constructed with a weather resistant finish

Key features: + Three easy-care cushions for comfort and support.

Pros: + Two attach tables.

Cons: +  Heavy and expensive

Our Rating: 4.6 Stars (4.6 / 5)

Our #4 Pick: PatioPost Swing Chair

PatioPost Swing Chair Seats 3 Porch Patio PE Wicker Swings bench with Steel Powder Coated Frame, Dark Brown

Our #4 pick is the PatioPost swing chair offers very comfortable seating for relaxing in the yard or on your porch.
You can convert this piece into a hammock during days of lounging. A durable, powder-coated steel frame provides long-lasting and stable reliability.

Very nice swing. Well made, heavy duty and well engineered. Assembly was straight forward, took about 45 minutes. However, it is a two person job.


Special Feature: Easy care, easy to clean comfortable cushioned seat pad

Key features: + Provided by the adjustable canopy on top, get ample shade coverage to against the sun all the day

Pros: + Durable metal frame supports weight of up to 500 lbs and seats up to 3 people under the shade comfortably

Cons: +  People wish the canopy would lock in only one position

Our Rating: 4.4 Stars (4.4 / 5)

Our #5 Pick: Mainstays 3 Seat Porch

Mainstays 3 Seat Porch & Patio Swing, Tan

Our #5 pick will make your outdoor area beautiful with this Tan Converting Outdoor Swing/Hammock. It offers very comfortable seating for relaxing in the yard or on your porch. You can convert this piece into a hammock during days of lounging.

A durable, powder-coated steel frame provides long-lasting and stable reliability. This garden swing comes in a neutral tan hue so that you can easily pair it with a wide range of decor and other furnishings.

An adjustable canopy top offers relief from the sun on hot days. The three large cushions give comfort and support. This swing seats three average-sized people comfortably.

Polyester upholstery and fill lends optimal support and resists fading and discoloration in all weather, and it’s easy to maintain. Tufting and piped edges provide a tailored, sophisticated look. Curved cushion tops add to the classic aesthetic.

Special Feature: +Can be adjusted to hammock position

Key Features: +The weight limit is 750 lbs.

Pros: + Canopy top adjusts for optimal shade coverage

Cons: + Assembly time with 2 adults is approximately 1 hour

Our Rating: 4.4 Stars (4.4 / 5)

Mainstays 3 Seat Porch & Patio Swing, Tan
List Price: $223.99
Price: $223.99
Price Disclaimer

Final Thoughts

So clear on Porch Swings? These are an extraordinary addition to your porches, garden, indoor and outdoors. Ready to grab a one? Double check every characteristics, styles, models, color and the best picks before getting a porch swing chair for your home. Why Still waiting for? It’s the right time to get a porch swing for you. Any queries, ideas, and reviews regarding porch swings are welcome. What type of porch swings are you using at your home?