The 7 Best Hammocks of 2018

Some birds are known to nest at lofty heights, for example, the Eagle. Do you admire them? Perhaps you travel out frequently; picnics, festivals or camping. For a convenient and lightweight sleeping bed, hammocks are excellent. Due to their lightness, they are very much portable. Hammocks add great taste to your camping experience.

When you have to sleep outdoors, make it unique and comfortable. Stand out from the crowd. Make every ticking second of your backyard stay enjoyable. Relax in style with hammocks. Moreover, it gives you a good aerial view of the landscape.

The selections consist of freestanding, ultra light weight and hanging hammocks.

Here are the 7 best hammocks of 2018.

Coming in at Number 7

Sunset Swings 421L Two-Person Lounge Swing

Talk of a hammock that is excellent in all its features and the sunset swing has it all. It gives you a bargain for your dollar. When you want to swing like a pendulum and achieve a matchless relaxation, the sunset swing avails it. With a ball bearing fulcrum, your swinging has never been so smooth!


Key features

The canopy guarantees smooth and relaxed swing under the shade

The covering and the metal frame color harmonizes. This makes the sunset lounge swing quite noticeable

Enables one to swing securely without making side movements

A strong tubular steel frame


The fabric is stain and UV resistant

Durable 11-gauge steel frame, given powder coating

Employs rust resistant bolts

Weatherproof canopy



Sunset Swings 421L Two-Person Lounge Swing
Price Disclaimer

Coming in at Number 6

   Patio Bliss Deluxe Gondola Hammock w/Canopy

As the summer approaches, you need a reliable and cozy garden hammock. The deluxe Gondola hammock simple but neat suits your patio. You can position it beside your pool, in the backyard or lawn. Tired of swimming? Grab a cool drink, stretch on the deluxe Gondola Hammock and take a break from the hot sun

Key features

Strong enough to support a weight of 450 lbs
Supported by a heavy duty metal frame
Double layered shelter gives a cool shade
Removable canopy; allows you to loll in the sun


Durable metallic frame
The canopy is water repellent and also UV treated, this prolongs its lifespan
Simple to assemble


Interference by rain from either side

Price $999.99

Coming in at Number 5

Sunnydaze Desert Stripe Cotton Rope Hammock with 12 Foot Steel Stand, Pad, & Pillow


It is not always easy to find an external support for hooking your hammock. For example, how easy is it to find a tree by the lake? Does that render your hammock useless? Not certainly when you have the desert stripe hammock from the Sunnydaze decor.

Since it comes complete with stand, you can use it anywhere; by the lake, pool, patio, lawn or yard. The 12 feet steel hammock stand provides a strong support. It’s very easy to set up and even one person can manage it without any tool.

Key features

Utilizes a heavy duty steel stand
Its hardware can withstand the harsh outdoor weather
The hammock cushion is weather proof thus maintains its beautiful stripes and pattern. The fabric has been dyed in a weather defiant solution
Will happily support up to a weight of 275 pounds


Easy to assemble in minutes
Mad of weatherproof materials
Backed by a one year warranty

Price $137.99

At number 4

Prime Garden Sunbrella Fabric Hammock, w/14 Feet Wood Arc Stand

This Sunbrella hammock has been carefully designed to feel extremely soft and comfortable. Stains and dark spots reduce the prettiness of your lawn hammock. Prime Garden has taken that fact into account. It has designed a hammock fabric that is stain proof and easy to maintain. Erect it on your backyard and you’ll have each child fighting for space in the hammock.

Key features

Made of fade proof and UV resistant fabric; maintains its deluxe red stripes
Its wooden frame has been made from the Russian pine and varnished for extra protection
Features a waterproof fabric that dries up quickly
The 4 x4 wooden stands are robust and will remain unaffected by a windy environment


Retains its brand new color
Simple to assemble
Sleek appearance
Exceptionally soft and comfortable


Very heavy; 90 pounds
Price $308.89

Number 3

LazyDaze Hammocks 15 Feet Heavy Duty Steel Hammock Stand, Two Person Quilted Fabric Hammock And Pillow Combo

Are you looking for an attractive double layer hammock? Try out the LazyDaze. With a quilted polyester fabric, it looks very attractive. Traveling with his 2 layer hammock is never hectic; you can break it down into five pieces. Moreover, you won’t have to seek support from trees. Therefore even in lawn or garden with no trees, you hammock is easy to set up and experience its comfort. It’s carefully thought design makes it a luxuriously styled hammock.

Key features

Utilizes zinc coated hanging chains; rust free
Has outstanding beauty due to the quilted polyester and the varnished spreader bar
The heavy duty metallic stand can be trusted with even 450lbs.
Made of UV resistive polyester material
For enhanced comfort, weather resistive pillows are provided
Steel made chain and hooks


Made of weather resistive and durable fabric
Strong and reliable stand; sturdy 12 gauge steel stand
Durable and rust free powder coated metallic stand.

Number 2

Poolside Hammock – TrueShade Plus Portable Freestanding Patio Backyard Swinging Hammock

This poolside hammock is portable and easy to set up. When you set it up by your pool or any outdoor environment, you won’t worry about direct sunlight. The fabric used here is easy to clean. With a damp cloth, you can wipe away the stains and leave it sparkling. With breathable material, you bid bye to mildew.

Key features

Rust resistant metallic frame; powder-coated bronze
Weather-resistant fabrics that fit the outdoor environment
Breathable and therefore mildew resistant
Has sturdy framework, thus stable when getting on or off the hammock
Reliable metal frame which supports up to 230 pounds
Carefully constructed, to shield you from rain or the sunshine


Easy to clean
Its color doesn’t fade easily
It’s simple to assemble by yourself. Doesn’t require any tool
Added safety to prevent flipping over


Suitable for one person only

And Our Number 1 Pick

Eclipse Collection Hammock Swing Bed with Canopy 

Talk of a hammock that will maintain its elegant outlook despite exposure to sunlight and the Eclipse collection is definitely one of them. Its beautifully curved wooden frame is made of strong hardwood; Larchwood. The color contrast between the wooden frame and canopy gives it a striking beauty.

Key features

The canopy provides cool shade, thus you are able to rest throughout the day without any worry
It mimics the traditional hammock design but gives it a modern taste. And the result is an enhanced comfort and warmth
Its wooden frame is water resistant and thus maintains its attractiveness even in the outdoor environ


Simple but elegant design
A variable bed height
Long lasting relaxation surface



Hammocks exist in different designs. For a backyard with trees, suspending your hammock won’t be a struggle. But if you need a hanging bed to use anywhere, free standing hammocks are the best choice.

Before deciding on which hammock to buy, consider where you are going to use it. This may help you decide whether you will have to be shielded from insects or the sunshine. At the same time, take into account its weight capacity.

Let your next camping be memorable. Make up your mind and place an order.