Best Patio Rugs Reviewed

Best Patio Rugs Reviewed

An indoor outdoor rug completes the decor of your patio. But this is only possible when you choose the best patio rug. Out in the market, there are endless varieties. So when you know what defines the best patio rug, it is possible to find what suits your need and outdoor area.

Specifically, bear the following in mind when making your selection;

Select your desired pattern

Outdoor rugs are available in different striking colors and shapes. To know what’s suitable for your environment, choose one that will blend with the furnishings. For example, bold patterns and colors are suitable for slightly concealed areas.

Rug material

An outdoor rug must feature a material that is weatherproof. It should retain its color even in a high traffic zone. For example, mats used on entry ways should be made of natural fibers or synthetic materials. Plastic rugs, therefore, are excellent for patio use. It should be a material that is easy to roll up for storage.

Water retention

A good outdoor rug should breathe. Such a mat even when used on a wooden deck will not enhance decay. Moreover, permeability allows it to dry up faster

Size and shape

The rug should fit perfectly its desired location. For example, you may wish to use the rug to mark your dining area. In such a scenario, it could be wise to have the dimensions of your dining area first, before making a purchase.

Having considered all the above factors, here are our picks of the best five patio rugs.

Our #1 Pick: Golden Moon Artificial Grass Rug

Golden Moon Artificial Grass Rug Series PE Indoor/Outdoor Green Decorative Synthetic Artificial Grass Turf Area Rug 1 1/2″ Pile Height 6’x8′


The multicolor woven material gives the artificial grass carpet beauty, natural appearance, and high-temperature resistance. Our #1 pick is great for outdoors as well as indoors.

This rug features an artificial grass soft enough to guarantee comfort for kids, as well as a dog or cat. With its beautiful design, it won’t feel out of place in your home. It’s made of tough and durable polyethylene piles. It’s durable and holds together well.

The polyethylene is a nontoxic substance. With a material that doesn’t stain easily and is simple to clean, makes it ideal for messy humans or pets.

Special feature

Rubber coated backing

Key features

Woven from a UV resistant material thus doesn’t fade in color

Porous, so it drains and won’t retain water.

Densely woven to resemble a natural grass appearance


Being synthetic grass it doesn’t grow hence requires minimum attention

Simple to clean with a spray of a hose.

Doesn’t allow for the formation of mildew and bacteria

Our Rating: 5 Stars (5 / 5)

  • Ease of Use 99%
  • Features 98%
  • Reliability 99%
Can it be cut without causing the grass to shed or come loose?

I cut mine into 12 inch squares. It lost a few during the cutting but doesn’t seem to be shedding as a result of that.

Does this faux grass shed?

It does not. It is very well intact and one of the softer feeling grasses i have come across.

Can this be glued to a wooden surface?

Yes you could but it’s very sturdy it’s actually an outdoor rug with that nonskid backing very good quality grass looks feels great even on bare feet

Will it hold up to my dogs pooping and peeing on it?

Yes. Its really easy to rinse/spray off.

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  • PROS
  • rubber-backed, non-slip, no trouble of mowing, fertilizers or pesticides, 100% eco-friendly, UV resistance, corrosion resisting, mold-proof and fadeless.
  • made of high-quality anti-aging particle plus masterbatch, tested for color degradation, durability, and fire resistance.
  • CONS
  • Hot to touch in direct summer sun
Our #2 Pick: Cancun indoor outdoor rug

Fab Habitat Cancun Indoor/Outdoor Rug, Turquoise and Moss Green, 8′ x 10′


This patio rug from Fab Habitat has been tightly woven with exactness and given a vibrant color. Therefore it has the ability to transform a boring patio to an interesting one. Although it has been made from fully recycled plastics, it feels extremely comfortable to underfoot. Moreover, it has been customized fully to fit the outdoor environment. Leave it on your entrance from winter to winter and the patio rug will undergo very minimal alteration.

When it’s placed on entrances, OK, it gets dirty; but cleaning it is super easy to clean. Any spillage can be wiped, dust can be shaken or hosed off.

Key feature

Since it is stripped and multicolored, incorporate it to your porch and it definitely enhances its decoration

Made of quality recycled plastics, compactly woven for enhanced durability

Outdoor weather friendly; mold and mild dew repulsive, UV resistant

Carrier bag included

Features an attractive moss green color

Our Rating: 5 Stars (5 / 5)

  • Ease of Use 96%
  • Features 93%
  • Reliability 95%
Do these fold or do you have to roll them?

These rugs do fold. However, we advise that you roll them to avoid a serious crease that would be very hard to get out over time. Rolling the rugs as opposed to folding them helps preserve the shape and overall appearance of the rug. It is possible to fold them, we just advise against it.

Is this rug soft enough for a baby so it wont hurt her skin while she is crawling around?

I bought it as an outdoor rug, as you can just hose it off. Plastic like. It does kind of split as it gets older.

Hi will this get very hot to walk on when in direct sun?

I have mine on a porch with direct sun; hasn’t been an issue, but I’ve never walked barefoot after many hours.

Dog owners out there: does dog pee (and the smell!) wash out ok with soap & water? and best method to remove dog hair? thanks. 🙂

Yes, these rugs could not be easier to clean. Being water resistant soap and water will eliminate stains and odors with ease. The best method for removing dog hair would also be to spray them down, or to spot clean! They are tightly woven so bunching of hair should not be much of an issue

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  • Pros
  • Maintains its vibrant color for years
  • Easy to clean
  • Environmentally friendly; made from recycled plastics
  • Light in weight hence easy to roll up and store
  • Dries up faster after being rained on
  • Cons
  • Non-skid pad missing
Our #3 Pick:Mad Mats indoor/outdoor floor mat


Mad Mats Oriental Turkish Indoor/Outdoor Floor Mat, 6 by 9-Feet, Aqua

Are you looking for an intricately woven patio rug that won’t rot your wooden deck? And doesn’t attract rubbish? Well, the Mad Mats provides exactly that. Unlike most mats which use virgin polypropylene and polystyrene, mad mats rugs are made from highest quality polypropylene. The end product is a beautiful plastic rug that appears to be made of natural fiber.

These rugs won’t retain water that may lead to mild dew or rotting of your wooden deck; they breathe. Therefore even after a heavy downpour during the night, the rug feels completely dry and comfortable in the morning.

Special feature

It doesn’t allow dog or cat hairs to stick on it

An adhesive for attachment is provided

Key features

Doesn’t absorb dust or stains

Easy to wash, for example using a garden hose

Features a sophisticated design to fit every patio

Has UV resistant ability

Measures 6feet by 9 feet

Available in a variety of vibrant colors


Our Rating: 4.7 Stars (4.7 / 5)


  • Ease of Use   99%
  • Features 93%
  • Reliability 91%
does it slip when conditions are rainy

It will slip if you have it on a slippery surface. I have it on rough concrete, and the other one is on stained pressure treated lumber. Both rugs have furniture on ithem and the rug doesn’t move. However, they give you two sided thick tape to secure it to your surface. I have not had to use the tape. Love these mats.

Do these fold flat for shipping? If so, what are its dimensions when folded?

This are sent rolled not folded. The 5X8 is sent in tall boxes 6X6x60 and the 4X6 in 5x5x50.

Can a rocking chair roll over this rug well? Also, w/the debris that gets trapped...does it cause discoloration on cement from the dirt and dampness?

It would be great with a rocking chair and I haven’t experienced any color leaching.

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  • Pros
  • Durable
  • Doesn’t mildew or decay wooden decks
  • Employs a bold color that doesn’t fade
  • Remains stable even in windy environment
Our #4 Pick: Marbella Collection Area Rugs

A2Z Rug Indoor/Outdoor Cream 8′ x 11′ 4 – Feet Marbella Collection Area Rugs – Perfect for Outdoor Area’s & Indoor

The feet Marbella Collection rugs exist in different bold colors. Even when subjected to continuous outdoor use, these rugs will retain their quality. Due to the available varied colors, designs, and sizes, you will easily find a rug that blends with your patio furnishing

Key features

Made of polypropylene material

Stain resistant


  • Ease of Use   99%
  • Features 96%
  • Reliability 99%
Does the rug have a rubber backing on it?

This rug doesn’t has rubber backing, and also you can order regular pad for this runner!

Is it plastic? Will it dry out in the rain?

No plastic here. All is a fiber type yarn. Go to any of your local building supply stores or others that carry indoor/outdoor carpet. When you feel it you will know what I’m talking about. It’s a beautiful rug!

Would this be ok on a wooden deck? does water run thru and does it dry quickly?.

Yes, that’s where I have mine. You’ll need a grip pad underneath. So far I’m very happy with it!

Can you wash and dry this rug? If not how do you clean?

I got the 6×6 size rug and it is on my patio. If you get anything on the rug, just hose it off or spot clean it. It is not made for the washing machine.

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  • Pros
  • Doesn’t fade color
  • Easy to vacuum
  • Doesn’t shed color
  • Cons
  • Doesn’t have non-slip backing


The best patio rug should suit all weather. It should be one that dries up quickly and hence saves your wooden deck from rotting. When it is to be used under the dining table, go for the striking colors and unique designs.

One a must quality, that makes the indoor outdoor rugs unique, is their striking colors. Are you comfortable with your current patio rug? Don’t just pick a rug; choose a design that adds a unique decor to your patio today. Make a statement with your patio rug today!


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