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Revising your outdoor lighting is just one of the best ways to improve curb appeal.
You can highlight the beautiful architecture of your home’s exterior or landscaping with strategically placed outdoor lighting. While your options may seem endless, it’s important to consider the role you want your outdoor lights to play. Will they be for safety reasons, or for more decorative purposes? Also, make sure you have the proper electrical wiring for the outdoor light you’ve got your eye on, otherwise you may end up disappointed.
Floodlights and security lights work well to deter unwanted nighttime visitors and provide a sense of security, while garden lights can illuminate a safe walkway through your backyard. Patio lights and deck lighting can brighten up outdoor living areas at night, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors past sunset. If you ‘d like your lights to serve a purely decorative purpose, fairy lights and outdoor string lights can lend an almost magical ambience to any garden.

While searching for your outdoor light fixtures, consider what type of bulb you prefer. Solar lights are an eco-friendly option that will help reduce the cost of keeping your outdoor area lit up. Outdoor LED lighting may be more expensive up front than other options, but in the long run, it will go easier on your wallet than halogen bulbs. LED lights have a long life span and provide quality lighting that is energy efficient. Halogen bulbs, on the other hand, are cheaper up front and can be used with a timer. While they also provide great lighting quality, the cost of wiring and maintenance may run up your bills in the long run.

Whatever options you settle on, you’re sure to find a wide selection of delightful and functional landscape lighting right here on


What are the important things to consider while choosing a porch light?

What factors should you consider when choosing a porch light?

We all have diverse preferences when it comes to lighting systems. Porch lights come in different models and designs. Moreover, the kinds of lights they provide are also diversified. However, there are fundamental considerations before you buy a porch light.

Outlined below are few of them;

Lighting Type

You need to know what kind of porch light you need based on the style of your porch. A type that matches with every kind of style is the pair of sconces or lanterns installed at each side of your front gate. If you can use your porch as a sitting area, then choose the light that includes the mounted fixture along with a ceiling, for better illumination you can use a pendant light.

The appropriate lighting system should provide sufficient illumination at night. This depends on the area to be illuminated and the bulb wattage. The best choice would be concealed light source. That minimizes the glaring effect. For example, a wall sconce is an appropriate type of light. But if you need a convenient environment for relaxing, ceiling mounted fixture or pendant lights are good alternatives.

Hanging Method

Normally the ideal height of the wall; lantern on a porch would be 66 inches above the floor, if it’s a ceiling, then it should be 84 inches above the floor for avoiding the disturbance.

Hanging length

For a standard wall height, the lantern on your porch should be 66 inches above the floor. If you choose to go for the ceiling type, make sure it is 84 inches above the floor. Your friends can then freely enter your home without bumping on the light source.

Weather Resistant

Make sure your porch light is resistant to weather as they are used outdoors, even though these porch lights some time comes under a covered area, they need to be weather resistant to prevent them from climatic damages. 

Your porch light is meant for outdoor use. This means it will be continually exposed to rain and the sunshine. Consequently, go for a light that is weather proof; a porch light that won’t lose its dazzling appearance over time.

Bulb Replacement

Ensure whether the porch lights can be easily replaced for hassle free, and also they need to be 84 inches above the ground level. 

All lights have life spans, rated in hours. Hence after the duration, it must be replaced. Choose that particular type that is easy to replace.


For an averagely sized porch, 60 watts light gives sufficient light. However, you can stretch down to a minimum of 40 watts and still get ample light.

Motion Sensor

As a security measure, porch light system should integrate motion sensors. That will enable you to receive an alert for any suspicious movement on or around your balcony.

The motion sensors operate within defined radius.

Best Picks of Porch Lights

Choosing the best porch lights to place at your front door is tedious as you may find hundreds and thousands model of porch lights, brands in the market, here are some of the top picks listed based on the reviews, ratings, performance, quality, and durability of the product.

Our #1 Pick:Heath Zenith HZ-4151-BR1 Mission Style

Motion Sensing Porch Lights from Heath Zenith

Do you need a porch light to position at either side of your doorstep, with all the above qualifications? The health zenith porch light fits the above description. It’s among the top picks owing to its performance and quality.

Fix it at your doorstep, and its motion sensor would detect any movement up to 30 meters away. The lantern porch light also has beveled and clear glass. To suit the outdoor environment, its construction features high-grade metal and weather resistant materials.

The Heath Zenith light uses an incandescent bulb with a maximum power consumption of 100 watts. With an added advantage of two lighting levels, it becomes very convenient for your balcony. Although it appears to be bulky, it has an excellent performance. When you order for this porch light, the lamp housing and the motion detector comes as a package with the light.

Special feature
A sensitive and accurate sensor

Key features
Two-level lighting system
Rustic brown metal construction

Weather resistant
Clear and beveled glass edges
Our Rating: 5 Stars (5 / 5)

Our #First Place Honorable Mention :Trans Globe Black Hanging Lantern

Trans Globe Lighting 69906 BK Outdoor Catalina 19″ Hanging Lantern, Black

When you install this Trans Globe lack lantern to your porch, it does more than just illuminate; adds an eye-catching decoration. It makes a statement to your visitors. When you strategically position it outdoor, it will give unobtrusive lighting to your garden.

Alternatively, you can mount it on your porch ceiling and it will blend nicely with the ceiling fans. The Trans Globe Lighting uses A19 bulb type

Key features
Added protection provided by the cage frame
Employs nautical lighting style
Available in diverse styles to suit different landscapes
Allows for dim lighting

Adjustable height
Seeded glass allows for unobstructed lighting
Attractive black finish
Chain and installation wire included

Incandescent bulb not included

Our #2 Pick: Lanai Collection 3-Light Outdoor Light Fixture Hanging Lantern,

Acclaim 7516BK Lanai Collection 3-Light Outdoor Light Fixture Hanging Lantern, Matte Black
Add a dash of excitement to your porch, with the acclaim hanging lantern. Due to the unique pineapple inspired creation, it possesses a superb appearance. Include it in your outdoor lighting and you will have everyone admiring your patio. The three light outdoor fixtures run on 120 wall voltage and weigh 8.2 pounds.

Key features
Clear cut pineapple shaped glass
Hanging lantern
UL listed hence safe
Maximum compatibility wattage, 60
Requires incandescent, candelabra bulb base

Elegant pineapple shape and matte black finishing

Bulb not included in the fixture
The solid base casts a shadow below the lantern

Our #3 Pick:LIGHT IT by Fulcrum

Charcoal Porch Light from Fulcrum

Fulcrum Porch light ranks second in our product picks; the product has many advanced specifications to look unique among other products. The porch light can withstand for 100,000 hours and install this light take just 5 minutes.LIGHT IT by Fulcrum 20034-104 12-LED Wireless Motion Sensor Weatherproof Porch Light, Charcoal
The motion sensor can be on and off as per your requirement, the LED flood technology used in the porch light ensure the brightness, vast beam for the glowing look. The porch light is available in multiple colors namely charcoal, bronze, white and silver.
The porch light weighs about 0.3 ounces and therefore light in weight, the light comes in the dimension of 5.9X5.9X6.9 inches. The contemporary style provides the classic look to your front door.

Special Feature:
Motion sensor can be on and off as per requirement.

Key features:
+ LED Floodlight technology,
+ glare-free wide beam.

+ automatically turns on and off,
+ weatherproof.

+ Frequent Battery replacement.
Our Rating: 5 Stars (5 / 5)

Our #4 Pick:MAXSA Innovations 40224

Solar Powered Porch Lights from Maxsa

Do you need a good looking and brighter porch lights to hang in front of your home at an affordable rate? If yes, opt for Maxsa porch Lights, and this ranks third in our product picks.
The motion sensor used in the porch lights notify you when there is anyone on your doorsteps, this act as the security point to your home. This light takes the energy from the sun; the porch lights come with easy installation, it does not take more than five mins for assembly.
These porch lights are best for porches, RV’s driveways, sheds, etc. and the weatherproof material used in the light ensures the light’s safety and also can withstand any climatic conditions, it includes the 15 feet cable that can be utilized for the solar panel, you do not need an electrician for installation, you can do it yourself.

Special Feature:
It does not take more than five mins for assembly.

Key features:
+ 50 super bright LEDs,
+ sealed lenses.

+ 15 feet of cable,
+ natural source.

+ Unstable in lower temperature.
Our Rating: 4.9 Stars (4.9 / 5)

Our #5 Pick:Outdoor LED Solar Lights, Mengk

Wireless Porch Light from Mengk

A popular manufacturer for producing lighting products ranks fourth in our product picks, the lights are brighter, and the high-grade quality used in the porch lights makes the product durable.
The solar lights best for porches, shreds, outdoors are upgraded from eight LED to sixteen LED lights, the battery capacity of the led lights increases to 1200mAh from 600 mAh and therefore it is two times longer than the older edition, the efficiency of this can be 17 percent higher.
The sensor ball, that is powerful, and the motion sensor can range in the form of  120 degree, the sensor can be detected up to 12 feet from the front door, they suit any outdoor places, the Manufacturer provides five years warranty for the solar life span, and the installation can be done within seconds.

Special Feature:
The motion sensor can range in the form of 120 degrees.

Key features:
+ IP64 Waterproof and Heatproof,
+ battery capacity from 600mAh to 1200mAh.

+ weather-proof,
+ powerful sensor ball.

+ Less LED lights.
Our Rating: 4.8 Stars (4.8 / 5)


Our #6 Pick:Casa Marseille High Outdoor Wall Light

Casa Marseille 21 1/2″ High Outdoor Wall Light
If you want a traditional porch light with fine detailing finish, to give undeniable splendor to your front entrance, the Casa Marseille high outdoor wall light provides it. With the unique scroll arms, mimicking the acanthus leaf, the Casa Marseille light becomes a spectacular piece.
Its Mediterranean stimulated lighting singles it out in performance. For superior performance, it requires clear bent tip candelabra bulb.

Key features
Made from high-quality cast aluminum, given dark bronze finish
Features a rock-solid construction
Warm glow light effect created by the hammered champagne glass
Powered by 110 wall voltage
Accommodates 3 incandescent bulbs, each with a maximum rating of 40watts

Long lasting
Completes the elegant look of your patio wall

Our Rating: 4.7 Stars (4.7 / 5)

Our #7 Pick:Thomas Lighting SL92337

Hanging Lantern from Thomas Lighting
This hanging lantern, when positioned at your door entrance, provides a glowing welcoming appearance. The high-quality seedy glass gives the porch light a longer lifespan. Because of the die cast aluminum frame, it qualifies as an outdoor lighting system.
For ease of wiring and hanging, its package contains 4inch chain and 12-inch wire. The Thomas Lighting weighs 5.2 pounds while measures 9.5 X 9.5 X 14 inches. Hence it doesn’t offer much strain to the 4-inch chain.

Special feature
Fitted with a high-quality seedy glass
A 19 Lamp type

Hooking chain provided
Takes vintage style

Dim light

Final Thoughts

The guideline provided above and the top picks reviewed should clear any doubt on how to select the right porch light. Depending on your wall height and the area to be illuminated, you can opt for hanging or wall mounting porch lights. With a careful choice, you will find a traditional style porch light to enhance the attractiveness of your patio.

You can now decorate and light your garden with the unique porch light. Give your patio have a matchless elegance, safety, and security.


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