The 5 Best Swing Beds

There is a cool relaxation that you won’t get indoors. For example, you might be longing for a free space, where you can stretch to your full length. On a raised platform, the cool wind blows by and the elevation gives you a good view of your home. Swing beds are specifically designed with that in mind. You can hang it on your porch and enjoy the passing moment.

If the condition of your porch doesn’t allow hanging the swing bed, then a strong tree in your backyard will be appropriate. But better still, the free standing swing beds are the best. With the free standing frame, you can use it anywhere. Moreover, the canopy shields you from direct sunlight or light showers.

To ease your selection, we have carried out in-depth research on the best swing beds. The picks have taken into account customer feedback and overall quality.

Here are the top five best swing beds

Coming in at Number 5

Leisure Season SBWC402 Swing Bed with Canopy

Covered hammock, swing bed with canopy with adjustable height. When life is full of swing, you want to maximize your down time. This swing bed with canopy lets you relax all day and if you desire, through the night. With a modern twist to the traditional backyard hammock, our distinctive concept sets the style for superior comfort, warmth, and personality. Whether positioned in the garden or on the terrace, this contemporary hammock feels like an uninterrupted weekend getaway.

Key features

  • Feel-good natural materials maintain shape and color even when continuously exposed to sunlight
  • Durable design features solid hardwood frame, adjustable bed height, optional fabric roof cover (126″W x 63″D x 69″H)
  • Relaxation surface made of Texteline, highly respected for making outdoor furniture last decades
  • Accommodates two adults
  • Includes two comfy cushions
Leisure Season SBWC402 Swing Bed with Canopy
List Price:$825.99
You Save:$206.97
Price Disclaimer


At number 4

Belleze Patio Outdoor Padded Porch Swing Bed with Adjustable Tilt Canopy

Are you yearning for a swing bed that can withstand a harsh outdoor weather? Try out the Belleze model. Moreover, it serves dual functions; can be used as a swing bench or bed. With an adjustable canopy, you can be assured of a cool shade throughout the day. When strategically placed in the garden, it allows a family of three to enjoy the peaceful moment.

Key features

Has specially designed weather resistive cushions

Has a modifiable backrest, hence functions as a chair and bed

The swing bed is fitted with metallic powder coated support bars. This guarantees the users safety

UV protective cover


The cover shields the user from light showers and UV rays

Durable, powder coated steel frame

Very easy to assemble


The screws meant to hold the canopy are plastic; hence can buckle or warp easily

Number 3

Outsunny Covered Outdoor Porch Swing/Bed with Frame, Stand

Are you looking for a swing bed that doesn’t tie you to one place? Consider this model from Outsunny. Due to the free standing frame, it can fit in multiple places; lawn, backyard or verandah. Having a weight capacity of 750 pounds and the metallic frame, the swing bed is very stable and won’t crumple easily.

Key features

Comes with a canopy to shield the user from the UV rays
Has an adjustable seat; can suit both upright sitting posture or function as a flat bed.
The swing bed has cushioned seats for a comfortable seating even under a prolonged period
Suitable for three individuals


Can function both as a swing bed or chair
Easy to assemble due to predrilled holes
Maintains a steady swing, even when rocked by light wind
Durable metallic frame
Cushions provided for a comfortable sitting posture
The swing can easily be disjointed and folded for safe storage
The cup holders allow water to sip through


The cup holders are plastic, doesn’t look so stylish
Unique Feature
Cup holders positioned on either side. As you swing you can take a sip and enjoy your haven



Number 2

Custom Carolina The Elegant Charleston Porch Swing, Twin, Light Stain

Hand made in South Carolina. Offered in #1 treated pine. Pedestal arms make a statement. Galvanized Hardware with 8 eye bolts and 4 shackles to make bed removable. Also, includes hanging ropes. Ships fully assembled, mattress and pillows sold separately.

Key features

Product Dimensions 85.5 x 45 x 29 inches
Item Weight 150 pounds

Also available in other colors

And Our Number 1 Pick

Cypress Porch SWING BED 6 ft With Heavy Duty 10ft galvanized Chain set

Made from Rot-resistant Cypress Eternal Wood.  Made in the USA  Green Furniture – GO GREEN
This 6ft swing bed made by Ecommersify Inc has been made from cypress wood. The strength of cypress has branded it the unique name eternal wood. Therefore the swing bed is bound to last for ages. Naturally, it has colored and beautifully arrayed grains. Therefore this beauty is easy to spot on your verandah.
To guarantee you support and comfort, it has an inch thick and 1.75 wide cypress slats. They have been sandpapered and smoothened on all edges. With five braces fitted on the back and bottom of the bed, you are very secure. You can swing without any fear.

Key features

The chain set used for dangling the bed has been galvanized, hence rust resistive.
The wood used requires no painting or staining; its insect repellant
It is water sealed and therefore doesn’t rot
Equipped with enhanced back and bottom support; 5 braces on each part
Has mechanically sound joints, completely bolted and not stapled
Can bear a maximum of 600 pounds


Very easy to assemble, since it’s 90% complete
The materials used in its construction are weather resistive, hence ideal for outdoor use
Environmentally friendly; hasn’t employed any harsh chemicals for wood treatment





A swing bed gives you enough space to stretch out and feel relaxed. Others are fitted with adjustable backrests. When choosing hanging swing beds, ensure the supporting chains or ropes are firmly fixed. If your patio can’t provide enough support then consider using a tree in your backyard.
But to reap maximum comfort, go for free standing swing beds. You can move it to any desired location. You won’t be disturbed by sunlight or light shower, thanks to the canopy. Other superior designs will protect you from insects and ensure your sleep is undesired.
The above picks are only samples. Whether you need the modern or traditional designs, you will find them all in the market. What’s your dream swing bed?

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